Community graffiti clean-up begins

The community clean-up of the graffiti in Stone began today. Organiser Kieran Mcknight explains in this post why he was spurred into action – and why your help is needed for round two on Sunday!

Graffiti is removed from the St Dominic's Priory School wall in Newcastle Road

On Sunday as I was walking to the morning service at Christ Church I was shocked and disappointed by the sight I saw on Radford Street. The bridge had been vandalised with graffiti. It really angered me, and I thought to myself, ‘We need to do something about this!’

After all, we are a church in the community, for the community and our goal is to serve the community. So I shared the problem with a few people at church and they rallied to the challenge of trying to tackle this problem.

I thought the clean-up was going to involve just me and a couple others, but thanks to A Little Bit of Stone and local police officers and the use of social media we ended up with quite a team!

Today was somewhat experimental. We had a wide range of cleaning products to try on the graffiti and we were able to fade many of the ‘tags’ and remove some.

A pressure washer is now ready for action

We now know what works, and we are ready to go out again! We have managed to get industrial spray paint remover and local businesses have pledged to lend us a couple of power washers. However, we need your help.

This Sunday (6th May) at 11am the people of Stone will gather in Christ Church car park to remove the rest of the graffiti. It would be great if you could join us.

Arm yourself with buckets, rubber gloves, scrubbing brushes and household cleaning products (oven cleaner works the best) and we will provide the heavy duty chemicals.

We would also like to invite everyone who is able help us to join us for lunch in the Christ Church Centre at 1pm where there will be plenty bacon and sausage sandwiches to go round!

I would like to thank the police, councillors, the staff of M-viron (who sent five of their staff to help) and the many individuals who supported us today. It was great to see everyone rally together.

We were also very encouraged by the many comments of passers-by today and by the traffic as they honked their horns and waved to us.

Local police officers remove graffiti from the Northesk Street car park

On a side note.

When there is damage or vandalism done people always seem to point the finger at the young people. We have no idea who is responsible for these ‘tags’ – it may well be young people.

However as a youth and children’s worker I can tell you that the many young people and children I have come in contact with this week have been upset, offended and angered by the graffiti and I am sure many will join us in the clean up this Sunday.

Let’s kick off our Jubilee and Olympic celebrations by rallying together as a community and removing these ‘tags’.

I hope to see you Sunday.

Kieran Mcknight – Christ Church,Youth and Children’s Worker



  1. It seems somebody at Network rail wasn’t as community spirited as Kieran and the other volunteers….

  2. Thanks very much Kieran for arranging this and galvanizing the community, who’ve been outraged by all the graffiti. I’m feeling very proud of Stone tonight (yet again) and, like Jon says, the town’s community spirit has shone through. See you on Sunday

  3. Glad you got the pressure washers sorted, I had an idea for getting some but it seems you’re sorted for now!

    Well done to all the volunteers who have proved again what a great community this is.

  4. Thanks Kieran. 
    And I agree, this graffiti looks a bit too widespread and “professional” for this to be blamed on a handful of local youngsters. Let’s hope we can keep it away now!

    1.  More graffiti has appeared on Old Stafford Road, I believe overnight. This implies that it is a local youth(s) with too much time and paint on the hands.

      This desecration of our town is not professional and not welcome.

      I hope that whoever does this either examines their conscience and stops or the Police catch up with them and they are dealt with by the courts.

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