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Stair mile challenge for cancer charity

Individuals and teams are needed for a fundraiser with a difference at Yarnfield in June. Participants will be running a mile, which is pretty standard.

But in this charity challenge they’ll be running up and down stairs!

The Cancer Research UK Stair Mile takes place at Yarnfield Park Training and Conference Centre on Sunday 24th June at 10.30am and there are a number of charity challenges for those taking part:

  • Stair Mile: A mile walking up and down stairs (includes the flat bits at the top, bottom and middle) – 33 laps of the circuit
  • Mile of Stairs: This involves a mile of actual stairs (where the flat bits don’t count) – 70 laps of the circuit
  • Team triathlon event (five members to a team)
  • Rowing Mile
  • Cycling Mile

The last two challenges are on the Yarnfield Park rowing and cycling machines.

To enter as an individual or as a team and get a sponsorship form, call Richard Mitchell on 01785 284947 or 07870 874796.

The Cancer Research 3 Mile Triathlon Trophy will be presented at the end of the event to the winning team with the shortest team time for the Rowing and Cycling Miles undertaken after a Stair Mile (the Stair Mile is not timed).

As well as all the stair climbing there will also be a plant and craft sale with cakes, biscuits and much-needed refreshments!


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