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Good luck Lizzie!!

The good luck sign on the canoe clubhouse in Stone

Please get behind Stone’s London 2012 hopeful Lizzie Neave by posting your good luck message here.

Lizzie Neave

Lizzie – who goes for gold next week in the women’s kayak single – is a member of Stafford and Stone Canoe Club, where her dad Andy coached her from a young age. A brilliant ‘good luck’ sign can be seen at the clubhouse in Stone next to the River Trent in Westbridge Park and you can send her your own good luck message here.

When she made the Team GB team earlier this year, Lizzie was grateful for the support from her home town. She said: “It’s been fantastic to hear about all the support and good wishes from people in Stone. It’s where I first started the sport and a lot of my family and friends are in the town. My dad is just ecstatic. He still coaches at the club in Stone and he’s so happy that a member will be at the Olympics this year. The fact I’m his daughter just makes it much more special.”

The qualification round in the women’s kayak single is on Monday 30th July, starting at 2.20pm, with the semi-final and final on Thursday 2nd August – 2.10pm and 4pm respectively.

Please post your good luck message to Lizzie below by typing it in the ‘Add new comment’ box below.


  1. Hi Lizzie have to admit I haven’t dared to open my eyes yet when you’ve been paddling. I can hear everyone around me shouting and screaming encouragement! GOOD LUCK LIZZIE STONE IS SO PROUD OF YOU.

  2. You are a fantastic inspiration for all the young people of Stone!  How proud your family must be. Good luck from all of us, and enjoy!  

  3. Good luck Lizzie, we’re all cheering for you! The Cox family (Stone)

  4. Facebook comment: “Good luck Lizzie” – Jill Kaye

  5. Facebook comment: “Good luck Lizzie” – Sarah Fox

  6. Facebook comment: “Picture of the canoe clubhouse looks a little like VE Day. It will be if Lizzie wins her event and brings home the bacon! Good luck” – Ian Felgate

  7. Facebook comment: “Good luck. You have the whole of Stone and GB behind you” – Emma Tonge

  8. Facebook comment: “Good luck Lizzie, go get em gal!” – Adrian Ellis

  9. Facebook comment: “Good luck Lizzie. You have worked hard for this and deserve it” – Gill Knight

  10. Facebook comment: “Good luck Lizzie!” – Lymestone Brewery

  11. Facebook comment: “Good luck, try your best, we can’t ask for more than that. We hope you bring a medal back to Stone” – Sheila Watts

  12. Facebook comment: “Good luck from all of us in Spain” – Stephanie Glover

  13. Facebook comment: “Wishing you good luck round that tough course Lizzie – hope it’s drier than press day!” – Shaun Smith

  14. Facebook comment: “Row Lizzie row!” – Peter Bannister

  15. Facebook comment: “Good luck Lizzie. We are so proud of you!” – Sharon Louise Turner

  16. good luck lizzie all the best bring back the gold 

  17. Good Luck Lizzie, we have everything crossed for you

  18. All the best Lizzie, bring home the bacon to our little town! Regards, Ian, New Zealand. (Yeah, I know…but Stone is my home town too).

  19. Good Luck Lizzie!

  20. Good luck, Lizzie. Try your best … you can’t do more than that … we hope that you win a medal.

  21. Wishing you all the luck in the world Lizzie….

  22. From one Neave to another – Good luck Lizzie – even though I want the Aussies to win, I still wish you personally all the very best and will be watching your efforts on TV here in Sydney Australia

    Best regards   Mimi Neave – Sydney

  23. Best of luck, Lizzie.

  24. Haven’t live in Stone for 20 plus years, but good luck to you from Thailand go get that prize

  25. I’ve been wondering what that was, good luck! And congratulations on getting this far.

  26. Thanks for all the messages for Lizzie :))

  27. WOW! Good Luck Lizzie! You Do Stone proud which you already have done! Go on smash this and get a medal if not your a star anyway! 😀 GOOD LUCK!

  28. Good luck Lizzie. As a coach that first put Helen Barns in a slalom boat at Matlock CC, I know how proud your father must feel. Your club has a great pedigree. I remember following Richard Fox & his successes. Just do the best you can and ENJOY and INSPIRE!

  29. Amazing, Well done for getting this far, go for gold, from The Hobbs Family, Stafford.

  30. Good Luck Lizzie!!! Saw you on the tv last night at opening ceremony!  Jess and Johnathon are members of SSCC and can’t stop talking about you!  They really look up to you and will be watching and cheering, and probably screaming at the tv for you on Monday and Thursday.  We all had a great time on Sunday at the mini olympics and missed you not being there!  We look forward to seeing you back there very soon, hopefully carrying an extra bit of bling around your neck!!!!!!  Go for it Lizzie, we know you can do it!!!!!!! xxxxx

  31. Good luck and knock`em dead. With your paddle if you have to ,….Lol

  32. Go for it LIzzie, you’ve put in all the hard work, now bring it home.. you deserve it, you’ve worked for it… and now its your time.  we are all so proud

  33. Good luck Lizzie, we’ve all got our fingers crossed for you.

  34. The Brady Bunch

    Up Up Lizzie, fast and clean!

  35. Good Luck Lizzie. Wishing you all the best xXx

  36. natallie purton

    Best of luck lizze u will b fantastic 🙂 x

  37. My little girl who is 6, knows all about you! Keeps telling your going to win gold! My little miss know it all, is never wrong! So wishing you the best of

  38. Best of Luck Lizzie

  39. Go on lizzie u can win this . Bring home stones first gold medal

  40. I’ll get things started! GO ON LIZZIEEEEE! Enjoy every second ^Jamie

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