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You should know the drill by now, David Leech from Pelham Puppets continues the Hidden Gems of Stone series.

Part 4: Nail Diva

“Looking good and feeling good is important to people,” Gill Williams from Liverpool Community College told the BBC in an interview recently. “Getting your nails done is not just a luxury now,” she added, “It’s a necessity and it’s part of people’s everyday routine. People love having their nails done. It looks great and it gives you a real feel-good factor.”

Nail art has become a very popular part of fashion and beauty although historically it determined a person’s social status. In ancient Egypt women used nail art to indicate their status and social standing. They decorated their nails using the juice of the henna plant. Queen Nefertiti used red colour to decorate their fingernails and toenails. Compared to Nefertiti, Queen Cleopatra used deep rusty shades with an undertone of gold. Ordinary women were not allowed to use the same colour as the queen.

Since the 19th century, nail art has become one of Fashion’s hottest accessories. As we enter the second decade of the 21st century it has really come of age. It’s clearly overcome its perceived image problem over the past decade, all that has changed, and nails have become the hot little accessories with endless potential, vital to every catwalk show and flaunted by pop divas like Lady Gaga and Jessie J.

“It’s not just about projecting an image, it’s very personal. It’s definitely art,” states Marian Newman, a pioneering force in nail art for two decades, she continues, “It’s about time nail art was acknowledged for its craft.”

No-one would agree with her more than Lisa Beard who set up Nail Diva in Stone in June 2013. In fact it’s her first anniversary on the 24th June and with excellent five star ratings and reviews on her Facebook page, Nail Diva is set to go from strength to strength. Nail Diva is a “totally organic salon focused on providing high-quality beauty treatments which care for your health and wellbeing.” Lisa is an Independent Consultant for “Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic,” so make an appointment soon if you are interested in discovering a healthier way to look and feel great.

“I am passionate about using products derived from the goodness of natural ingredients grown from healthy soil, not synthetic ingredients made from toxin contaminated petrochemical oil,” she explained, “the products used in all treatments are from this completely Natural, Award-Winning range. Paraben free, we believe in soil not oil – the goodness of natural ingredients grown from healthy soil, not synthetic ingredients made from toxin contaminated petrochemical oil.”

Her enthusiasm to provide safe natural beauty treatments shone through as she went on to explain, “Not only do the products from Neal’s Yard remedies look and smell divine, they really do work so there is absolutely no need to put anything harmful on your skin.”

There are no GMO ingredients, or mineral oils which are derived from petroleum used in any of the products she uses in her treatments and none of the products are tested on animals which is of major concern to many people these days of course.

Lisa also offers a mobile service (nails only) and is happy to make home visits for you to try out the products and she is can help with issues such as eczema and offer advice about what products to use if needed.

Although this month marks her first anniversary of trading in Stone, Lisa trained and qualified as a nail technician in 2007. She was in her teens when she developed an interest in the nail art industry where ‘fashion and art merge and is constantly redefining everything you thought you knew about the artistry of the fingertips.’

Lisa had been working in the Financial Services Industry for over twenty years but following redundancy she completed a nail technician course and with the encouragement of family and friends began a mobile service in her home town of Fulford and the surrounding area.

However with a huge drop in salary and a family to raise and care for the work did not provide sufficiently well, so she gained full time employment as a Property manager for Poundland managing their leases and within a few years the pressures increased to the point where she was “doing everything I didn’t want to do” so in December 2012 she resigned even though she had no immediate future plans other than perhaps seek and obtain some work part time. A friend suggested she start her own business and through the support of the Business Enterprise Scheme she started her new business in March 2013 first as a mobile service until finding suitable trading premises near to where her daughters attend school in Stone then relocated to the nearby Radford Street premises in June last year.

Lisa also offers Nail Treatments and Parties for “little Divas” and she says it helps being able to run things past her daughter, Amy, “who has her finger on the fashion pulse” – after all why should grown ups have all the fun? In addition all the parties, prom and wedding packages are tailored to individual customer needs and requirements.

The business is very appropriately named Nail Diva.  The word “diva” is derived from the Italian noun meaning “deity.” Things may have moved on since the time of Queen Cleopatra, but like a queen, at Nail Diva you will be made to feel special. As Lisa said, “We all deserve to be pampered to sit back and relax and enjoy a little “me” time.”

So discover Nail Diva for yourself – it’s your ‘hideaway from the everyday.’

Nail Diva

9 Radford Street,
ST15 8DA

Tel: 07880 732187


Opening Times

Monday/Tuesday home appointments
Wednesday:  09:15 – 20:00
Thursday:  09:15 – 17:00
Friday:   09:15 – 16:00
Saturday:    09:15 – 16:00


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