Stone firms go for Sentinel Business Awards glory

Ian Bradford at Lymestone Brewery in Stone
Ian Bradford at Lymestone Brewery in Stone

Businesses from Stone will be in the spotlight after being shortlisted for this year’s Sentinel Business Awards.

The awards ceremony will take place at the Kings Hall in Stoke on Tuesday 24th March and two Stone businesses are hoping for a successful evening.

Lymestone Brewery has been shortlisted in the Community Engagement category. The brewery prides itself on good community links and their commitment to local volunteer organisations and events. The brewery offers work experience placements for local students, free spent hops for local gardeners, support to 6th form pupils at Alleyne’s Academy, involvement and support for local festivals and much more.

Brewery owner Ian Bradford said “ I have spent many years volunteering my time as a Scout leader in Newcastle and so has my wife Viv, we know all too well how hard it is to raise funds to keep a charity going. That is why when we started the brewery we were keen to be a part of the community and wished to help the town of Stone and surrounding areas as much as possible. Our business model is to grow as a business while also giving back to the community in ways that make a difference, be this through our time, our sponsorship or a business arrangement.”

John Duncan, founder of Coach 24/7

Stone-based Coach 24/7 has also been shortlisted and will be hoping for success on the awards night.

Coach 24/7 is a modern, technology-led service, backed up and supported by a team of psychological coaches, who currently work with a range of elite sport professionals – including Premiership footballers and Olympians – and celebrities. Coach 24/7 can also be used for performance coaching, career development and goal setting and uses the latest technology to track performance and goals.

Coach 24/7 uses text message to web technology to offer pastoral care to individuals on an anonymous basis. Founder and director John Duncan said the system is designed to offer preventative help, so any danger signs are picked up as soon as possible and issues don’t spiral out of control. Coach 24/7 sends users one text per day inviting them to record their moods and activities for the past 24 hours. The information is logged on a private online diary using simple filter tools. Users are then helped to make a connection between the things they do and their well-being, spot patterns and set positive goals with their coach.

Founder and director John Duncan, from Stone, said: “We’re delighted to be shortlisted for the business awards.  The Coach 24/7 service is available and given long before someone has the courage to make contact through traditional means of support, moving the emphasis away from a reactive to preventative solution. I’m delighted it’s success is being recognised.”

You can read more about Coach 24/7 in this Sentinel feature HERE

Stone’s Secret Attic Software, meanwhile, has been shortlisted for the Business Innovation Award for Pikl (pickle), an app that allows you to view artwork in your home, before you buy it, using augmented reality technology. To see how pikl works, click HERE The company is run by David and Jenny White from Stone.

This video shows the technology in action…


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