Vow to champion Staffordshire as HS2 gets the nod


The Leader of Staffordshire County Council has vowed to get the best deal for Staffordshire today after the Government confirmed that HS2 will definitely be built.

In his first speech since his reappointment, Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin said the high speed rail link to Manchester and Leeds will go ahead. The Transport Secretary confirmed that legislation would be prepared in this Parliament, looking at bringing HS2 to Crewe faster than planned, subject to further analysis and decisions on the preferred route.

The HS2 phase two route is set to pass through Swynnerton and the top of Walton Heath close to Stone.

Since the national rail project was announced the county council has vowed to make sure the Staffordshire “voice” is heard. Philip Atkins, Leader of Staffordshire County Council , said: “The Secretary of State has made it crystal clear today that HS2 will not only be built, but work will start in two years time.

“In Staffordshire our focus from the start has been to make sure the Staffordshire “voice” is heard and get the best deal for Staffordshire and this means meaningful mitigation, appropriate compensation and making sure Staffordshire shares in any economic benefits and improved connectivity on the current transport network. We have already influenced the design to lower part of the route in Phase One and will continue to ensure Staffordshire’s voice is heard loud and clear when the route of Phase Two is confirmed.”

The HS2 hybrid Bill committee will restart Parliamentary scrutiny of the bill for phase one – between London and Birmingham – shortly. Although HS2 Ltd Chairman Sir David Higgins has said his preferred option is to have a station at Crewe, the Government will announced the final route for Phase Two from Birmingham to the North later this year.

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  1. I am totally anti HS2, how is it going to bring prosperity to the northern? All that it will do is to increase prices of housing to the north due to higher paid London workers moving in to lower house priced areas and still keeping their higher paid jobs in the city. HS2 is a people mover not a manufacturing aid to move goods. Keep it well away from Staffordshire.

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