Paul notches up 1,000 days of continuous running!

Paul Swan at the recent Potteries Marathon
Paul Swan at the recent Potteries Marathon

A Stone runner today completed his 1,000th continuous day of running!

Paul Swan’s challenge started on 12th October 2012 and today he notched up his 1,000th continuous day – not one day has been missed. Christmas Day, rain or shine, Paul has laced up his running shoes and got out there.

As well as his routine daily runs, Paul has entered lots of races over the last 1,000 days:

  • The recent Potteries Marathon where he finished 20th overall and first veteran (50 to 55)
  • 38 veteran 50 to 55 age group race wins
  • Eight Staffordshire County Championship titles in distances from 5 to 20 miles
  • This year’s Stone 10k
  • 2015 National Police veteran cross country champion

Total mileage for the 1,000 days is 9,312 – just under nine-and-a-half miles a day.

A typical day starts at 4.30am, when he gets a five or six-mile run in, then it’s off to work at the Midland regional public order tactical training site at RAF Cosford, where Paul is a serving police officer employed on instructor duties, which includes riot training and Taser. Some time during the day he tries to get a second run in to round the day to 10 miles or more.

It’s been hard going at times,” Paul said, “for example when i went on holiday last year we had an early flight so I had to get a run in at half past midnight and I remember the look on people’s faces as I ran past the local kebab shops! Running and fitness is a passion of mine and in 2011 I broke the Guinness World Record in the London Marathon as the ‘fastest marathon by a police officer in full uniform’ – a record I still hold.

“I know people will read this and think I am totally mad and that running isn’t good for you – but I would argue against that as it’s now nearly 15 years since I had a day off sick from work!”

Paul, who is 52 and runs for Trentham Running Club, has in the past represented Middlesex County, The Royal Air Force and the Police National Team and only this year was selected to run for Staffordshire in the Stone St Michael’s 10K against North Wales, where the Staffordshire team was victorious.

Paul will be going to the beer festival at The Swan Inn tonight to celebrate his remarkable achievement. If you see him, buy him a pint – he deserves it!



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