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Westbridge Park fireworks 2015

Westbridge Park fireworks

Click HERE to see photos and video from the 2015 Westbridge Park bonfire and fireworks


Stone’s 2015 Westbridge Park fireworks and bonfire event takes place on Saturday 7th November.

Gates open at 6.30pm, with the bonfire lit at 7.30pm and the firework display starting at 8pm. The display this year will be presented by Fantastic Fireworks and the theme is ‘Musical Movies Mayhem’.

Admission is £6 for adults and £4 for children. A family ticket costs £20 for two adults and up to three children. No advance tickets are available, it’s pay on the gate.

As always, in the interests of safety no sparklers or alcohol are permitted.

Each year, proceeds from the Westbridge Park fireworks night go to local charities.

There are lots of photos HERE from 2011, the 25th anniversary of the event, to get you in the mood!

Westbridge Park fireworks




  1. Hi there do children need an adult with them because my 12 year old was going to go with a friend if she was allowed there without an adult.

    1. Hi Mrs Ellams. Sorry about that! Gates open at 6.30pm and it’s payment at the gate. No advance tickets available. I’ve updated the article – thanks for spotting the omissions and letting us know

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