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Elias conquers Mount Snowdon to thank children’s hospital

In March, ALBOS featured the story of Stone dad Elias Khoneizer and the plight of his young son Freddie, just two, who has Marfan Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue. As a result, Freddie has been a regular visitor to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and recently underwent major heart surgery there.


Naturally, Elias’s colleagues at chartered accountants Wynniat-Husey were moved by Freddie’s bravery, facing such an ordeal at such a young age, and were keen to reciprocate by doing something to thank and support the hospital for playing their part in transforming Freddie’s life.

So last weekend, together with a team of enthusiastic, dedicated and determined family, friends and colleagues, in a sponsored event, Elias ascended Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales,  as a thank you to the wonderful staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital who treated Freddie.  Chilly conditions and breathtaking scenery awaited them, but there was a further surprise in store for Elias.






We are very pleased to report Freddie is making excellent progress, and there was a touching father and son moment when Elias was greeted at the summit by none other than his self-proclaimed ‘superhero’!


Elias said:  “Our challenge to conquer Mount Snowdon in order to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital has been accomplished. We were the first of the teams to complete the climb, and what made the challenge even more exciting was meeting my 2 year old super hero son Freddie at the summit.

A big thank you to all my colleagues who joined me in this challenge, to the guides who looked after us and helped us get to the summit, and to Birmingham Children’s Hospital for organising the event…and of course a big thank you to all of you who supported us all the way through by donating to this great cause.” 


Elias’s friend, colleague and fellow mountaineer Eddie Lambert added:  “A super well done to this man for helping to organise an event to raise money for such a great cause,  and didn’t he conquer this challenge well!  He went out with his head held high and climbed Mount Snowdon raising an amazing amount of money, which will be donated to Birmingham Children’s Hospital! Elias and myself, together with a group of other colleagues took the challenge to climb Mount Snowdon today! It went extremely well and when we got to the top we had a little visit from a special young man himself, Freddie!  It was so heart warming to see the person you’re doing this for greet you at the top as you made it to the summit! Your family will be super proud of you and you have done Freddie so so so proud!  Well done Elias!”

To date, Elias and his team have managed to raise an amazing £6,260.63 and that total is still growing! Birchill and Watson pharmacy helped fundraising with their Easter raffle too.  If you would like to help push this total up still further, you can go to and make a donation online.  The page will remain open for approximately a further two weeks. 



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  1. Congratulations and Well done to everyone on a marvellous achievement. Freddie always puts a smile on our faces at work (Birchill and Watson) he is a special little charmer.

  2. Congratulations and Well done to everyone on a marvellous achievement. Freddie always puts a smile on our faces at work (Birchill and Watson) he is a special little charmer.

    1. Thank you very much for you comment Linda. He is indeed a special little charmer. And many thanks for your support.
      Our best regards to all of you at Birchill & Watson.
      Lots of love from the Khoneizer’s. Xxx

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