15-mile diversion into Stone for Cold Norton residents


The closure of the M6 bridge has been delayed until September. Full story HERE


Residents of Cold Norton – just a couple of miles outside of Stone – say two major road closures will leave them with a 15-mile diversion to drive into Stone.

We reported on Friday about the closure of the M6 bridge on Eccleshall Road for repairs from 13th June for 23 weeks. See the details HERE. The start of that work coincides with the closure of Meece Road from 20th June to 19th August.

The two roadwork schemes combined effectively cut off Cold Norton residents.

This maps shows the sites of the two sets of roadworks (red crosses) and Cold Norton (green circle)…


Cold Norton residents are now calling for the delay of one of the schemes.

Andrew Williams, who lives at Lakesedge in Cold Norton, said: “I understand that roadworks have to take place but this is not good planning. The only route we have is to either drive down Worston Lane to Junction 14 of the M6 or drive to Eccleshall. I live just two miles from the centre of Stone but while both the roadworks are taking place I would have to travel approximately 15 miles to get into Stone – almost eight times the distance.

“This isolates the residents of Cold Norton to quick response by public services if needed, as well as being an extra fuel expense and time.

“We’re calling on Staffordshire County Council – as the highways authority – to delay one of these works.”



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