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Cupcake Class Hits Choccy Top Spot

beth-laurenStone Food Festival is well under way, & we kicked off Friday with a Cupcake Decorating class from Beth Lauren.

Walking in to the tent and being greeted by rows of yummy looking cakes in pretty boxes was certainly a good start. Beth was welcoming & confident, and once everyone arrived we took our places behind the tables. Beth walked through each step with us, showing us techniques from filling the piping bag, and making the chocolate truffles, all the way through to the drizzle of melted white chocolate.

img_4310 img_4316 img_4312

Once our creations were finished, Beth made sure we were all happy, and, joy of joys, we got to take them home! I doubt mine will see tomorrow, especially if my daughter gets her way!

img_4326 img_4330 img_4307

For a first time froster this class is fantastic, and I look forward to the possibility of an additional advanced class next year!

img_4333 img_4336 img_4335

If you’re interested in learning Beth’s tricks of the trade, there are spots available Saturday & Sunday @ 12.30 and 2pm, and the price is   £5pp including taking home your finished cakes. Head to the Cookery Classroom page to book. Head to Beth’s website to see more of her delectable creations.


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