Calling all historians!

If you have a love of history, here’s a chance to sit and chat with kindred spirits and to discuss the inner historian in you.


On October 19th, Staffordshire Poet Laureate Bert Flitcroft is running a Creative Writing workshop at Lichfield library for historians. The idea is not to write a piece of historical fiction, but to explore your own personal feelings, to express what it is exactly about the past that moves you. His great love has always been castles, and there are a number of poems in his books that touch upon this.

You might think (at first) that this is not for you, but Bert opines that finding a different, personal, imaginative way of putting into words your interest can be a source of great pleasure.

Contact the library or bflitcroft@btinternet.com if you want to ask or check anything.

Why not sign up and come along -what can you lose? It only takes a few people to turn up, a bit of imagination, and who knows where it might lead?  Make sure to tell ALBOS about the experience too.

Bert is also leading poetry and creative workshops throughout October at Barlaston’s Wedgwood museum, find out more HERE.


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