Stafford Borough Council approve M&S Westbridge Park Store

Westbridge Park
The tennis courts at Westbridge Park – site of the proposed M&S Simply Foods store

A planning meeting at Stafford Borough Council saw a 9 votes to 3 majority in favour of the plans to develop a new Marks and Spencer food store on Stone’s Westbridge Park.

There has been fierce campaigning on both sides over the redevelopment of the Westbridge Park’s leisure facilities but the council always stipulated that leisure facilities would only get the go-ahead subject to the sale of some of the land to develop a retail store.

Almost 100 jobs are expected to be generated during the construction, fitting out and operation of the store which will have approximately 80 free parking places for the use of the customers of the store.

The last step in the planning process is for the Government to provide final approval on the proposed development scheme.

The development will see the tennis courts and guide hut demolished to make way for the new food outlet.

To read more on the Westbridge Park timeline check out this link




  1. It would be interesting to know what the future is that Aidan Coleman can foresee.

    The proposed development will, undoubtedly, provide good leisure facilities for the town but another out of town shopping facility will, inevitably, lead to less footfall for other retailers and more closures. Stone is not unique in this problem, but what future does a town have whose high street has no (reasonably priced) men’s clothes shop, no shoe shops, no children’s clothes shops, etc?

    Is there a study in progress to find towns that have successfully dealt with the pressures of out of town shopping and how we can learn from their best practice? If not, should there be one – urgently.

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