Self publishing with Panda Press

If you’ve ever wanted to have your name in print then Stone’s Panda Press can help you realise your writing dreams!

Self PublishingWHETHER it’s poetry or a personal memoir, a cook book or children’s story, the Panda Press team is encouraging local writers to dust off their notepads and get in touch to discover more about self-publishing.

What’s more, with World Book Day (Thursday, March 2nd 2017) fast approaching, there is never a better time to pick up a pen (or open the laptop) and see if you could get your name in print.

With more than four decades of experience working with authors across Staffordshire and beyond, Panda Press has produced printed books on many different subjects and across a variety of genres.

Laurence Tunnicliffe, Managing Director of the Stone-based print and design company, says:

“We enjoy working with lots of different writers and with people who have written before or those who have very little previous experience of writing.

“It’s said that everyone has a book in them and that is definitely true. It could be a novel or collection of poems, but it could equally be a non-fictional book about your favourite hobby or pastime.”

Thanks to the in-house team of designers and printers at Panda Press’s studio in Newcastle Street, would-be writers have access to expertise on every aspect of self-publishing – from book cover design to formatting and distribution.

The team can provide copywriting , copy-editing, photography and illustration services if required, and clients also receive a free hard-copy proof before the manuscript is finally printed.

Laurence continues:

“Over the years we’ve printed books about everything from cookery to local history. Our message is that the world of self-publishing has changed and if you’ve always dreamed of seeing your name in print, we’re here to help.”

If you would like to speak to Panda Press about a self-publishing project, call 01785 815110, email or request a quote on their website. 



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