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Twosome Get Their Running Shoes on for Chuckles

Clare Pollitt and Liam Herbert are getting ready to run the Stafford Half Marathon next week in aid of local non-profit organisation Chuckle Productions.

Sunday 19th March will see Clare & Liam donning their running trainers for the Stafford Half Marathon, along with 4,000 others in the annual event, and they’re hoping to raise as much money for a cause close to their hearts as possible.

Chuckle Productions is a not for profit, organisation, based at The Chuckle House in Stone. They introduce learning to children in a fun, interactive and multisensory way, whether that is providing an independent hobby for children with special needs, preschool family learning workshops, bespoke outreach workshops or providing holistic specialist services for assessment and teaching to support children and young people with specific learning difficulties and learning disabilities.

Clare says; “Chuckle Productions have been nothing but supportive and beneficial to us as a family and to William as an individual in his difficult journey these past months. At times it has been quite trying but these guys have given us so much support to enable us to deal and understand our current situation. In a moment of madness late last year I decided to do a half marathon. I know, MAD!!! Everyone knows I don’t do running. In fact it was once said “If Pollitt runs past you, run too, as it means something is chasing her!”

Liam says “One of our son’s, Ben, has complex sensory and developmental needs, which unfortunately makes it challenging for him to focus and engage in any activity.  As a result of his needs, the range of support and organised activities, outside of his schooling environment, have to be specialised and are extremely limited. Then we found out about Chuckle Productions, which is a not for profit organisation that provides regular sessions, encompassing live music and other arts, that children with developmental delays and sensory needs, like our Ben, so enjoy being immersed in!  The children here have the opportunity to be independent from their families for a few hours, and the smile on Ben’s face proves he, and other children like him, just love it!!”


If you would like to show your support by donating to Clare or Liam you can use the following links.



Philippa Unett, Business Development Coordinator at Chuckle says “ We are so grateful to Clare and Liam for supporting us and helping to raise us money towards essential equipment for our Educational Support and Additional Needs Sessions”


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