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Council To Consider 20 Affordable Homes Plan

aston lodge housing development plan

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Fradley Estates has submitted a planning application to Stafford Borough Council to build 20 affordable houses on land off Saddlers Avenue, Aston Lodge

A plan was submitted and rejected last summer to develop the brownfield land with 10 open market houses.  The reason for the initial rejection was that there was no requirement for any more “open market” properties, this has led to the new plan being 100% affordable/social housing.

The initial outline planning application is proposing the following development make-up

8 x 2 bedroom social rented housing
6 x 3 bedroom intermediate housing
6 x 3 bedroom key worker housing

Stone town council with have their own say on the planning application at the council meeting on the 4th April 2017.

The full details of the planning application can be seen on the Stafford Borough Council planning portal – Planning application 17/25759/OUT

Proposed Development off Saddler Avenue

One comment

  1. This potential development is completely out of line with the housing in the area and ought, by rights, to be rejected on these grounds alone. In addition the planned entry/exit from the development is too close to the roundabout and a potential hazard for cars using Saddler Avenue in either direction. Furthermore, The queues to get off the estate in the mornings and return in the evenings when contending with the barrier at the level crossing are already a serious issue. The building of 20 houses on this site will lead to further unnecessary congestion. This area has long been enjoyed by local residents as an open space; both prior to and during my entire residency on Aston Lodge. I moved here in November 1990. This application seems to be a crass attempt by Fradley Estates to build on the land at all costs regardless of the suitability of the development to the local area and the people who live here.

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