Bill Cash to discuss NatWest closure with bank

NatwestFollowing on from our story about the closure of Natwest Bank in Stone the MP for the town, Sir Bill Cash, has said:

“I have expressed my own and my constituents’ concerns at their decision to close the Stone and Cheadle branches and I am due to meet with the bank’s representatives in the coming weeks.

“They have explained to me that in terms of digital banking, they hope to alleviate some of the concern by introducing NatWest ‘TechXperts’ to the Stone and Cheadle branches, who will offer customers individual digital training and support, as well as hosting special one-off events and fraud awareness days.

“I am also told they have chosen to allocate a Community Banker to Cheadle and Stone, once the branches there close. She or he will be an accredited professional banker with knowledge of the local community.

“They will also have a telephone banking service supporting the vast majority of their banking services and their contract with the Post Office provides another option for customers wishing to carry out simple banking transactions, to check their balance, deposit cash and cheques, withdraw cash and business customers can obtain coinage.

“They maintain that, after conducting a careful review, they have arrived at this conclusion and will not be revisiting their decision, while remaining committed to making the transition as easy as possible for their customers.

“I am meeting with the bank’s representatives shortly to discuss their local services further.”




  1. We changed from HSBC after their closure to NATWEST. We are absolutely disgusted that another bank is closing on the High Street. Considering 73% of Nat West (RBOS) is owned by the tax payer they show no concern for Stone or Cheadle customers (new or old) let alone local employment levels with staff redundancies.

    Who needs a community support banker (does NatWest they think they are an emergency or social service?) As far as the insult that they will train customers to use internet banking goes they can keep it – or does NatWest bank think its now a higher education institution or the community banker will be a group leader for the U3A?

    Personally – as far as the insult that they will train customers to use internet banking goes they can keep it! We are already conversant with the World Wide Web including Internet banking with other financial institutions.

    We are now in the process of moving our banking (yet again) to Lloyds – Stone Branch. The staff there have been really helpful (even met the manager who personally thanked us for our business that’s a first!). The switch to Lloyds has been much better and easy than the one with NatWest which was shrouded in lack of communication and red tape… We highly recommend Lloyds bank for anyone who is considering switching and using a bank on the high street as it should be.

    Ex HSBC – Ex NatWest customer – Now up and trotting with the Black HORSE.

    1. I too was just about to change to Nat West after the Closure of HSBC, who I had been with since the 1980’s.
      This is the beginning of the rot. Who will go next. I am a blue badge holder who at the moment is using the Co Op. I would struggle to get to Stafford. I might contemplate drawing my cash out and putting in my home safe.
      When I joined HSBC there was even a bank at Walton in the Ecclshall Road .

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