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Stone buliders Xtenda uncovered a great discovery this week and have shared their story:

The whole team at Xtenda was thrilled and astounded this week after a truly profound treasure was uncovered in the roof space of a house that we are totally re-configuring on Valley Road, Stone.

The property, owned by Andrew and Rosie Green, is a former bungalow that Xtenda has completely gutted. When the building project is finished, Andrew and Rosie will have a magnificently modern and largely open-plan 4 bedroomed, 3-bathroom home, including spectacular loft conversion.

Xtenda Master Craftsman, Ade Guildford told us,

“We’ve knocked down lots of internal walls to create a huge open plan kitchen, dining and living area. We’ve moved the front door, created space for a stunning log burner and taken away a massive portion of the rear of the property to house bi-fold doors to the garden. All-in-all, this house will be unrecognisable from its original design, which was built in 1984. This week, we were at the point of fitting the many massive steels in the roof space and that’s how we happened upon the big surprise.”

In fact, it was our roofing expert, Xtenda Master Craftsman Ade Adams who first noticed the find. He told us,

“I was right under the tightest space in the eaves of the roof when my torch light caught the writing on the rafter. At first, I just thought it was interesting but then I realised the wording was really familiar, so I called out to ‘Big Ade’ Guildford to come and see.”

Uncovered Treasure

They had found the ‘signature’ of the builder that had built the original house and, to everyone’s astonishment, that builder was ‘Big Ade’s’ long departed Grandfather!

So here we were, in a house built by the Granddad being torn apart by the Grandson!

It goes without saying that the team will continue to make this a home to be proud of and we have already had ‘Big Ade’ Guildford sign his name beside his Granddad’s. We have also printed this little story and stapled it to the same rafter because, who knows… maybe ‘Big Ade’s’ potential future grandson will be back in 2050 to rebuild it all over again!


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