Martin Lewis – Liberal Democrats – Election Pitch

martin lewisWe asked all 5 of the parliamentary candidates for Stone to send us their 2017 General Election Pitches

My name is Martin Lewis and I’m the Lib Dem candidate for the Stone constituency.  I have lived in Staffordshire most of my life and went to school in Stafford. I lived in Swynnerton for eight years before moving to Clayton in Newcastle, where I still live. I have worked in the civil service for 37 years until my retirement a few years ago.

I go to Stone two or three times a week to do dog walking for relatives who live there, so I know the tow-path of the Trent & Mersey Canal well. I am also a fan of the 101 bus route.

Stone is a mainly rural constituency so many local farms receive EU agriculture and environment support payments. They will stop after Brexit. Lib Dems will campaign to avoid a hard Brexit, to stay in the single market and for the people to have their say on the final outcome of Brexit negotiations. We should all be able to say “Yes” or “No” to the final deal, whatever it is.

I believe that this general election has been called for opportunistic, party political reasons. Mrs. May’s real purpose is to increase her majority in Parliament, so that she can pay less attention to what her difficult back-benchers say, particularly about Brexit.

Labour’s continuing in-fighting means they are ineffective as the official opposition. Divided parties do not deserve to do well.

Lib Dems will raise a vital £6bn. extra support for the NHS and social care by a dedicated extra penny on income tax. We will raise £7bn to support education, we will keep the pensions triple lock and we want to see 300,000 houses a year built by 2022.

A good outcome of the general election would be a stronger Lib Dem team in Parliament to hold the Government properly to account. Lib Dems have a message of hope for the country, one which is an open, tolerant and united.

Lib Dems have done well in Stone in the past and we can do so again.


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