Sam Hale – Labour Party – Election Pitch

Sam HaleWe asked all 5 of the parliamentary candidates for Stone to send us their 2017 General Election Pitches

It is a pleasure to have been given the opportunity to stand again for the constituency in which I was born and bred. In this election, I am running
on the same platform as I did in the 2015 General Election: campaigning for a decent, better society, which intrinsically looks after the poorest and
weakest amongst us, and for an economy which gives opportunity to all, and serves the many, not just an elite few.

I believe Stone has been poorly represented in Westminster for a long time. If elected Stone’s MP, I will not claim a penny in personal expenses. I
don’t think they’re necessary, and I don’t agree with the attitude they create. This election is about power and wealth – my priority is to ensure
that they are in the hands of the many, and of our communities. I also pledge that if elected Stone’s MP, I will have a properly staffed local
constituency office, that is set up to address local concerns and issues, not simply pass them off to a minister.

In the coming years, opportunities and threats will present themselves to Stone. To address these, we have to have a proactive MP, one that lives,
shops and socialises in the community so that they have a direct interest in the well-being of the area.

This is my promise to you.

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  1. All the best for Thursday Sam, I know myself and a lot of local voters will be ticking against your name so we look forward to seeing you take your seat as Stone’s local MP

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