Critical Stories Annual Conference for Association for Medical Humanities

The Association for Medical Humanities will hold its annual conference Critical Stories from 28-30 June at Keele University.

The conference aims to promote better understanding of health issues through encouraging those working in medicine, healthcare and the arts and humanities to share their views and experiences.

A morning of information and entertainment is open to the public at the New Vic Theatre on Thursday 29 June, 10am-1pm. There will be a small charge of £2.50 to cover refreshments. This will feature:

• ‘Handmade’ Musical Expression, Professor Rajmil Fischman, Keele University An explanation followed by musical performance of a digital glove that allows musical creation through simple, natural hand-like gestures like throwing or shaking. Almost anyone, irrespective of their musical ability, education or health problems can create music using this technology .Have a try!

• The Positive Health Benefits of Singing, Dr Alexandra Lamont, Keele University, and representatives from Keele Women’s Choir
This session will include some practical and accessible music making and will also cover the latest research findings with community choirs on the wide range of benefits singing brings to health. Join in and exercise those vocal chords!
• Dr Jill Rezzano, Director of Education, New Vic Theatre Dr Rezzano will demonstrate the power of story in the health context with the help of students from Keele Medical School.
• The Human Condition, Shires’ Artists ExhibitionThe local art group has purposefully put together artwork which reflects the themes of the conference and challenges the viewer to literally see the business of health and illness through different perspectives.

For tickets, please apply to Sharon Faulke or 01782 734600

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