National Drink Drug Drive Campaign for June

Staffordshire Police need your help to catch people that are irresponsible and drive whilst over the alcohol limit or on drugs.

A national Drink Drug Drive campaign throughout June will see officers proactively targeting those people who choose to drive under the influence, and they need your help to catch people in the act.

If you know someone who regularly has a few drinks before getting behind the wheel of a car, or a recreational drug user who sees no harm in driving under the influence, please let Staffordshire Police know. Your report can be 100% anonymous via Crimestoppers (0800 555 111) or you can call 101 any time of the day or night.

Inspector Matt Derrick, of the Tactical Support Department, said: “Sadly there are still some drivers that choose to take drugs or drink before getting behind the wheel. If you are over the legal limit, you are much more likely to cause an accident that would most likely result in death or serious injury. If you know someone that makes this choice, please do the right thing and let us know so we can prevent something terrible happening.”

Officers from Matt’s team will use the intelligence you provide to catch people likely to be over the limit. Anyone caught could get six months imprisonment, an unlimited fine and a driving ban for at least one year.


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