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Animal rescue pony makes TV appearance

Rescue PonyA Channel 4 film crew came to Stone yesterday to uncover how an abandoned pony could be turned into a competition winner

The journey began 5 years ago when Samantha Adams and her daughter Hannah fostered Dougie from the Blue Cross.

Dougie was a very poorly foal when fostered, he was found very ill, suffering from starvation and showing neurological and co-ordination issues.  Having already adopted another pony Samantha and Hannah felt that they could give him the love and care that he’d been lacking.

Although the initial outlook was bleak, the love and attention poured on to Dougie saw him flourish into a wonderful pony.

Samantha explained to A Little Bit of Stone: “With love and attention Dougie went from strength to strength and because of our adoption he never went back to the rescue centre. We began to ride him last year and he’s turned into a little star! With Hannah and I he’s won lots of dressage competitions and is now showing a talent for jumping!”

Samantha went on to explain how the filming came about: “We were contacted by The Blue Cross media team in London as the supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick, was looking for an example of what an abandoned pony with little hope can turn into!  Dougie is a good example of the massive horse welfare crisis in this country! We had the most fabulous day, channel 4 spent the whole day with us and Dougie was a star totally unfazed by all of the goings on! Steve Jones was a lovely man who put us totally at ease! He and his wife were very taken by Stone they thought it was lovely ! We were featured on Animal Rescue live last night and were so proud it’s a day we were never forget!”




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