Local Green Space Consultation Produces Stone Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan for Stone has been produced by Stone Town Council to guide the planning and future development of the town up to 2031.

Local Green Spaces contribute to the quality and distinctiveness of Stone. These spaces create opportunities for walking, cycling and other physical activity, adding to the rural character of the area and providing open space. The Neighbourhood Plan will give local people more say in where new development goes and what kind of development is allowed.

As part of the ongoing community engagement of the Stone Neighbourhood Development Plan, Stone Town Council is undertaking further community consultation on the proposed Local Green Spaces between 14 August 2017 and 4 September 2017 (closing at noon). The diverse character of our Local Green Spaces includes parks, sports pitches, towpaths, allotments, green buffers and much more.

Councillor Jill Hood, Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, said: “The Neighbourhood Plan is an important document that will guide development in Stone for many years. This consultation will enable local people to have a say in the proposals for the local green spaces so essential to our town.”

Further information about this consultation and how to respond can be found on the Stone Town Council website. Town Council representatives will also be available to discuss the proposals at a stall in Stone High Street on Friday 1st September 2017.


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