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Stone Charity Gets Cash Boost to Help Local Sixth Formers

A regional builder has given a charity dedicated to improving the lives of residents in Stone, and the surrounding villages, a cash boost to help with their work.

Wolverhampton based Persimmon Homes West Midlands, chose Stone Community Hub through its Community Champions scheme to receive more than £600 from its monthly match-funded donation.

The Stone charity will use the donation to help them run a five-week Volunteering and Citizen course for local sixth formers, to cover safeguarding, listening, disability awareness, bullying and health and safety.

Karen Wardell, spokeswoman for the Stone Community Hub, said: “Our objectives are summed up with the slogan ‘Making Lives Better’ and we focus on three main areas – reducing poverty, combating social isolation and providing an open-access youth club called the Stone Youth Café. We have run the course once before and received very positive feedback and want to repeat this training, which is why we applied for the Community Champions money to help fund it. We cannot thank Persimmon Homes enough for their support, the participants gain social engagement, confidence, self-esteem, planning and presentation skills. They are more likely to go on to volunteer either at the Youth Café or in the local community.”

Stephen Cleveley, director-in-charge of Persimmon Homes West Midlands, said: “Stone Community Hub clearly fulfils a need within the area and we are delighted that we have been able to support their work with local sixth formers. If people were unsuccessful last month in their Community Champions application, we urge them to visit the Persimmon Homes website and to try again and hopefully they will become our next recipient.”

To nominate and to find out about the terms and conditions people can visit www.persimmonhomes.com/charity

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