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Stafford Borough Council Approves Stone’s £40m Car Park

Stafford Borough Council met last week and approved the planning application for a 6,200 space car storage depot in Stone.

As reported in October 2017, Stoford Developments Limited ran a public consultation on the Jasper Way development that will be leased to Jaguar Land Rover for 15 years.
Planing Application Overview
Vehicle distribution compound comprising:
  • 6,189 surfaced standard car parking facilities
  • 29 surfaced car charging parking spaces
  • 61 visitor and staff parking spaces
  • 44 No. surfaced 9 car loading lanes
  • Ancillary operational buildings totalling 1312 sqm (GEA)
  • A jet wash
  • A substation
  • Access from Jasper Way
  • A cycle shelter
  • A drainage attenuation pond
  • Diversion of an existing ditch
  • External fencing and other security features
  • Associated screening landscaping

Full Details –

The application to develop the 55-acre facility received a mixture of support and objections.
The site will be accessed via the A34 > Stone Business Park, an area already difficult to leave at peak times. Concerns were raised around the number of HGV movements that would be happening 24/7.
The area had already been set aside for business development but some objections called into question the development size vs employment opportunities that the scheme would provide.  Several smaller developments could have yielded more opportunities for the people of Stone.
In support of the application were several people happy about the visual impact of the site versus alternative developments that may have introduced tall warehouses.  Other support cited the commitment by Jaguar to the site would generate significant business rates.
What are your thoughts on the development? Do you see it as a good use of the business development space in Stone?

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  1. Approved because it’s worth over half a million pounds in Business Rates. There you have your answer. Exactly how does this conform to SBC policy, Stone 1. – Which states development should be

    “Reflecting its role as the key market town in the Borough and the second settlement of the Sustainable Settlement Hierarchy set by Spatial Principle SP3, the strategy for Stone town will seek to enhance its role by increasing both its range and quality of services and facilities. The strategy will comprise the following elements”
    It clearly doesn’t ‘reflect’ a Market Town, nor does it provide a ‘range and quality of service and facilities’.
    In fact it uses more then designated land in Stone for such enterprise until 2031 and that why the decision to approve is unsound on policy

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