Is there graffiti on your wall near the canal?

Network Rail will be cleaning this off

Steps are being taken to clear away the graffiti that was sprayed next to the canal in Stone, although it’s certainly taking some time.

A British Waterways spokesman said their workers had removed the graffiti from their property – mainly the lock and stonework. Many thanks to A Little Bit of Stone reader Justin Perry for getting in touch with British Waterways.

Network Rail are responsible for removing the graffiti from the railway bridge over the canal. A spokesman said it would be done soon.

A Stafford Borough Council spokesman said the graffiti on the garden walls of properties that border the canal towpath would be cleaned by its StreetScene team – but only if it is offensive.

Some of these walls have been sprayed with graffiti

There are two examples – if you live on Newcastle Road on the stretch marked on the map, please check your wall and report any obscene graffiti to Stafford Borough Council on 01785 619000. It has to be the householder who does this.

Unfortunately, if the graffiti on private property is not deemed offensive, then it’s the responsibility of the householder to clean it off.

If this applies to you and you’re struggling to do this, please get in touch with A Little Bit of Stone and we can try to find someone who can help as the graffiti really does give a bad impression of the town to passing narrowboaters.

Not to mention the scores of people who regularly walk down the canal.


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