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Big Adventure celebrates Scouting in Stone



A huge celebration of Scouting in Stone is being held at Crown Meadow on Saturday 10th September, with dozens of activities to try, music and a barbecue.

The Big Adventure takes place between 10am and 4pm and there will be marquees for events and activities, film and slide shows, display and craft areas. Entertainment will also be provided by the Stone Scout & Guide Band and the Stone Gang Show.

Young people can try everything from orienteering to camping, climbing and canoeing.

Stone has a wide variety of Scout groups serving the entire age range from six to 25. On Stone’s Big Adventure Day, sections from the District will be running pack meetings throughout the day.

Children can take part in pack meetings, with lots of interesting and exciting activities.

You can book a place in advance for your child. Select the age group your child falls into and call Jan or Dave Gibson on 01785 761437 to reserve their place.

  • Beaver Scouts (six to eight)
  • Cub Scouts (eight to 10½)
  • Scouts (10½ to 14)
  • Explorer Scouts (14 to 18)
  • Scout Network (18 to 25)




  1. SORRY! Got to clarify some points. The area we are having our event on the day is the amphitheatre mown grass area. During our planning meetings it has always been called the Crown Meadow, wrongly! Quite rightly we would not consider any environmental damage. As scouts we are ingrained in preserving all wildlife and environments.
    Since our posters and leaflets have gone out we have reviewed the situation regarding fire and we will not be lighting any fires. This has also meant that the BBQ will  not occur however we will have drinks and biscuits. 
    Forgive us this mistake in our first wave of posters and i will ask Jamie to replace this one with the revised one.

  2. What absolute madness, firelighting on Crown Meadow. There’s over 3000 wild flowers planted not to mention all the wild life. The ground has voles nestled in all over the meadow. I expect our daft town council have given the go ahead on this one. I hope the kids have a good time but at what cost.

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