Blue flash of light over Stone explained…

Stone was hit by power cuts over the last few days, with many people in the town reporting that they’d seen a blue flash of light in the sky as the power went down.

On Tuesday 18th December, power went down at about 8pm. Although it was only off for a few seconds, lots of people reported broken TVs, monitors and wireless routers on the Little Bit of Stone Facebook page. Lots of people also reported seeing the blue flash of light. The culprit? A bird.

A Western Power Distribution spokesman said: “Yesterday, approximately 1,200 customers were affected by a power cut when a bird flew into a high voltage overhead line. The customers affected would have only noticed a brief loss of supply, as the automatic system restored the power as soon as the bird was clear. Blue flashes would have been seen due to the overhead lines sparking.”

Power also went down on Sunday 16th December after bad weather affected some equipment on the high voltage overhead lines. This caused around 800 homes to lose their supply in Stone. Western Power Distribution said 85% were restored within the hour, with the remaining customers back on supply within two to three hours.

The spokeman added: “Western Power Distribution would like to assure customers that we are continually working to upgrade the network in the area, with Stone town centre recently undergoing network reinforcement as well as increased tree-cutting work taking place.”



  1. this is a load of rubbish i live just up from meaford power station on meaford road and a big blue flash and an explosion come out of the old power station,we had western power up our road for 2 days repairing a sub station box and lines and poles,there is a constant banging coming from the old power station and this has happened around 4 times in the past 2 years the last was the most severe as it cut the power normally the light s dip for a second and the power is restored,must be a mighty big bird!

  2. Birds have to be earthed before they conduct electricity, that’s why they are sometimes seen roosting on live power cables. Unless it was an owl, why would a bird be flying around at 8pm on a dark winter’s night anyway? I have a feeling that somebody is trying to cover up something by telling flying pork pies.

  3. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe them. My ‘adult’ son came downstairs (we live in Barlaston) quite concerned at the noise prior to last nights flash. Re the explanation of Sundays power loss…”bad weather affected some equipment on the high voltage overhead lines.”? Did it? I would ask them about the substation in Barlaston that created a similar bang on Sunday night and resulted in lots of power workers and activity going on there the next day. Flashes and bangs we’ve never ever had before…in all the years I’ve lived here. a bird is just not a satisfactory explanation

    1. Hi Louise. You’re not the only person to question the explanation from Western Power Distribution; a few people have done the same over on Facebook. I will put your point and others to them

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