Pollution warning lifted at Downs Banks

The pollution warning at Downs Banks has been lifted and the stream has been declared safe for paddling.

The warning was put in place on Friday evening after “organic waste” from a source beyond Downs Banks polluted the stream. The waste was said today to be “agricultural” by the National Trust ranger at the Downs but no further details are available.

Warning signs were put in place late on Friday advising visitors not to paddle in the water and to make sure that dogs were kept out of the water too.

The Environment Agency have been carrying out tests at the Downs today and have declared that there is no longer any pollution in the water. So paddling in the stream is now OK (not that you’d want to in this weather, mind!).

Well done to the National Trust team at Downs Banks for their excellent social media updates over the last few days. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter. And you can see our original story about the pollution incident HERE.


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