Controversy over Stone Rural election leaflet

A UKIP  candidate’s election leafet has caused outrage among people in the town and the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) community across the country.

The flyer is a campaigning leaflet for David Nixon, UKIP’s candidate in the Stone Rural ward for the county council elections on 2nd May, where he is challenging Ian Parry, a current member of the county council’s ruling cabinet.

The leaflet has been widely shared on social networking sites. There are warnings against the alleged introduction of “explicit” homosexual sex education in schools and comments are made about child abuse.

Commenting on same-sex marriage, the leaflet says a child “should have the right to a mother and father” and says bisexuals demand the right to marry a man and a woman.

“Explicit sex education is occurring in our children’s schools,” it says. “When the ‘gay marriage bill’ becomes law, explicit homosexual sex education will have to be taught.”

Julie Munslow from Stone received the leaflet earlier this week. She said: “I was so angry. We have two teenagers and a six-year-old. We teach them to respect everyone and discriminate against no-one. I don’t want this sort of hatred posting through my letterbox for them to read.”

Amy Easter posted on the Little Bit of Stone Facebook page: “Did everybody else get this through their doors today? Or has it just been sent to the houses whose owners are LGBT? UNBELIEVABLE!!! Ruined mine and my wife’s day.”

A post on the UKIP LGBT group’s Facebook page said it was ‘extremely angry and disappointed’ by the ‘obnoxious beliefs’ in the leaflet. It said: ”Whilst we believe in freedom of speech, this does not mean UKIP should therefore accommodate people with obnoxious beliefs such as suggesting LGBTQ people are inferior or abnormal. It is our belief that these candidates should have the UKIP whip drawn from them.”

Stafford Borough councillor Rowan Draper has responded with anger on his blog, calling the leaflet “vile” and for Mr Nixon to withdraw from the election.

UKIP’s head office told the StaffsLive news site that they couldn’t verify the leaflet. A spokesperson said: “We’ve had a lot of cases like this up and down the country, and sometimes they are fake leaflets put out there.”

However, West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass told the Staffordshire Newsletter that the issue is “a valid one”. Click HERE to read his thoughts on the matter.

You can read all the Stone Rural candidates’ appeals for your vote HERE

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  1. have just read up on what David Nixon has said for his campaign and if he is elected… he will continue to leaflet everybody with local ‘issues ‘
    are we (the LGBT community) a local issue now?!?!?!

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