Share your memories of Trentham Gardens

The outdoor pool at Trentham Gardens in this photo from the 1970s. Did you go swimming there? Photo from

People in Stone have been asked to share any memorabilia they may have of Trentham Gardens for a new exhibition at the Borough Museum and Art Gallery in Newcastle.

Delyth Copp from Stone is curating the exhibition about the Trentham Estate in the 20th century, which opens on 25th May. There’s still time to get your memorabilia into the exhibition though!

Delyth said: “Does anyone out there have any memorabilia relating to Trentham between 1900 and 1980? It might be a ticket (perhaps for the Beatles?), souvenirs, photographs, the dress or suit you wore in the ballroom, the cozzie you wore in the outdoor pool…if you have anything please get in touch on 01782 619705 or pop in and see us on Brampton Park! Happy rummaging!”



  1. I remember in the 1960s me and my friends from Blurton would go three every week. We would ride the train to the swimming pool, and spend the whole day. 47 years later, I still have those fond memories that seemed like yesterday. Trentham Gardens was a part of my childhood that I will never forget, and will always remember.

    My brother also worked there has a chef. Look forward to going back in October 2017.

  2. Isn’t it the same boat that they use today? If I remember they found it submerged in the lake & refloated, referbished it

  3. I am trying to find the name of the paddle boat used on Trentham lake in the eighties but without success. Several people remember the boat but not the name and I would be grateful if you have any information about the vessel. 
    Marilyn Cook

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