Drivers urged to be Des for Rugby World Cup

With the Rugby World Cup in full swing, designated drivers will be rewarded in more than 100 Staffordshire pubs as part of the “I’ll be DES” campaign.


The Rugby World Cup is running throughout September and October, and with fans expected to watch the games in their local, the campaign is reminding people not to get carried away drinking during matches the night before, or driving the next day.

The campaign is being supported by the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership, who want people to nominate a designated driver for their rugby night out.  For steering clear of alcohol, DES’s will be rewarded with free or reduced rate soft drinks at an ever increasing number of the county’s pubs and clubs.  Posters will be displayed in participating venues and DES’s may be required to show their car keys or wear a wrist band in order to take advantage of the soft drinks offers.

Speaking on behalf of the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership, Councillor Mark Deaville, Cabinet Support Member for Highways and Transport with Staffordshire County Council said:  “Keeping our roads safe is one of our top priorities, and Staffordshire roads remain amongst the safest in the country, which is something we are proud of and have worked hard to achieve.”

“As a publican myself, I know about the fantastic difference designated drivers make by helping their friends and family get home safely at the end of a night out.  That’s why we think it is so important to recognise and reward them with free soft drinks.  I’m very pleased to see so many of our pubs, clubs and restaurants have joined the campaign.”

“As some of the rugby matches are during the week, with many people at work the next day, we’re especially reminding people about the risks of driving the morning after a night out, as drivers could still be quite unwittingly over the drink drive limit.  If you’re in doubt, then don’t drink at all.”

Five Stone pubs are involved in the scheme – The Star, The Crown & Anchor, Langtrys, Granvilles and The Lounge.

You can find out more about the campaign at’ll-be-des


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