Stone family on This Morning with Katie Price

Amanda and Ian Harrison with James, Ruby and Isabelle
Amanda and Ian Harrison with James, Ruby and Isabelle

A family from Stone were featured on ITV’s This Morning today (5th October) in a report by celebrity Katie Price on living with disability.

Ian and Amanda Harrison’s seven-year-old son James was diagnosed with the extremely rare and life-limiting Infantile Batten Disease in 2010. In fact, James is one of only three children in the whole of the UK with the condition.

Katie Price was on the show to discuss her 13-year-old son Harvey, who  has Prader-Willi syndrome, and she wanted to meet other parents who care for disabled children. Her report for the show featured the Harrison family, who live on the Aston Lodge estate in Stone.

Katie Price This Morning Stone Staffordshire Amanda Harrison
Katie Price at the Harrison home on the Aston Lodge estate


Amanda said: “We had a lovely day with Katie when the filming was done. She came to our house to interview us, she helped me with James, and then we went to Trentham Gardens. It was a very bizarre day, but Katie was lovely, very down to earth, and she asked lots of questions about James. She stayed at the Stone House Hotel and I know she had a curry in town with the film crew when she was here.”

Katie Price said in her interview: “I’ve stayed in contact with Amanda and Ian and we’re going to meet up again. They’re such a lovely couple.”

Click HERE to read our report from last December, when Amanda told us more about life with James, and the invaluable support of the Donna Louise Children’s Hospice.

She said: “Yes, James is poorly – he’s severely visually impaired, immobile, tube fed as he’s unable to swallow, he can’t speak but he loves life. He goes to school where he has friends. He loves hydrotherapy and the sensory room. He smiles to show us he’s happy. He has started opening his eyes wide to communicate with us and if we’re really lucky we get a laugh or giggle. He loves cuddles and when you’re rough with him, wiggling his legs or arms. He loves his sisters and they are so good with him. They are so caring and thoughtful. And yes it’s hard, it’s 24/7 – it’s exhausting. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever done and I was Deputy Head of an inner city school before but I love every minute I have with James.”

You can see the Harrison family’s appearance on This Morning on the ITV Player

Katie Price This Morning Amanda Harrison
Katie Price filming on the Aston Lodge estate

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