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Moddershall mums and daughters start their winter cricket!

Some of the Moddershall Cricket Club mums and daughters at a recent ECB festival held to encourage women and girls to get into the sport

Cricket isn’t just a sport for the summer, you know. Last week saw the start of the winter training programme for Moddershall Cricket Club’s women and girl cricketers.

Existing players along with some new faces attended on Friday evening at Alleyne’s Sports Centre in Stone. The two-hour sessions from 6.30pm to 8.30pm alternates each week with both the junior and senior squads attending separately. All ages of women and girls are welcome at the sessions whether they are experienced cricketers or new to the sport.

New to the scene this year were some of the girl’s mothers, who having seen how much their daughters enjoy the game also want to join in!

After recently taking up cricket one mum said: “Watching your kids play sport is a great feeling but sometimes you want to be a little more involved and play yourself, but you’re not sure of the commitment as we are all busy women. But with the emphasis on having fun and playing with like-minded people, some of whom had not played sport for a while, it was an amazing feeling to get involved!”
If you’re interested in joining in, call Jane on 07891 698737 for more details

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