HS2 Phase 2 Consultation – Sir Bill Cash Debate

Bill Cash House of CommonsAs previously mentioned, Sir Bill Cash held a commons debate on the impact of Phase 2 on Stone and the surrounding villages.

The full transcript from the debate can be read via the TheyWorkForYou website -> debate here

Let us know in the comments what you think about HS2 and the impact that it will have on the area.

Sir Bill is holding a public meeting at Walton Community Centre on the 3rd December, details on the poster below.

hs2 public meeting



  1. The main problem with the section of the Design Refinement Consultation, referenced below, that refers to the “Stone Railhead” is that it contains many uncertainties, including: it “may require” temporary closure of Yarnfield Lane: road options for the delivery of construction materials “will be considered”: “it could provide” a suitable site for a permanent facility. I cannot find any reference to the hours during which the depot will be working. The danger, therefore, is that the facility, once agreed, will be extended and the disruption along with it. The Parliamentary Under Secretary, in his reply to Sir William, is no more definite, using phrases that include “HS2 Ltd must seek to keep the lane (Yarnfield) open”.

    I think it must be conceded that the “Stop HS2” cause has been lost and it is going ahead. The consultation document makes the case for the Stone Railhead in terms of the best case (which is, actually, “least worst”) scenario for environmental damage and disruption to populations in general during the construction of HS2.

    HS2 will certainly be a blight on the landscape and cause disruption to populations. But so were (and are) motorways, including their service stations, airports, etc. Granted, HS2 may well benefit a far more select group of people – we will have to wait and see how much “The North” benefits in general from a faster rail link to “The South”.

    We know the proposed railhead at Stone would cause disruption and can define that disruption. If it is to be stopped, the local pressure and Sir William must concentrate on showing why it would be less advantageous to the overall scheme than another site and, if it goes ahead, seeking definitive plans and planning proposals to prevent any future expansion.

    1. JT is appears you dont understand the impact. The preferred have been know about for along time now, so a few roads will be temporary closed big deal, was not a problem with N/bridge. When you look at the plans the depot will have some impact but that is small and its built adjacent to the M6 and may have a direct access to no construction traffic. If you read the documents you will see that the depot Will NOT be 24/7 but will be normal standard core hours for any construction project – here is the phase 1 construction process doc –

      1. NM: Are you talking about it’s construction or the planned IMD permanent operation?

        The Environmental Impact Assessment Report states the preferred environmental option is Option 5 Crewe, as it would have less environmental impact when compared with the other identified options. The EIA noted Crewe IMD (Option 5) is less environmentally sensitive in comparison with alternative locations in respects to water and flood risk, as well as overall landscape impacts, due to its location within a more urban context and the landscape character of the surrounding area.
        Additionally, in the Appraisal of Sustainability (AoS)- it’s conclusions on the potential impacts of noise, visual impact, air quality and employment and the identification where these could have secondary implications for health, the Potential impacts were validated. HS2 ltd have admitted: during construction the potential exists for adverse impacts from associated traffic and site activities.
        Construction works may result in temporary significant adverse effects on residents in a number of locations in the area,… These receptors may continue to experience permanent significant adverse visual effects during operation of the Proposed Scheme. Noise from construction could result in adverse effects on dwellings closest to the construction works at North Pirehill, Walton Heath, Swynnerton and Stableford.

        Re: Traffic and transport:
        Construction of the Proposed Scheme has the potential to lead to additional congestion and/or increased delays for road users on a number of routes including the M6, A51 Stone Road, A34 Stafford Road/The Fillybrooks, A519 Newcastle Road, B5026 Eccleshall Road, Yarnfield Lane, Meece Road, Tittensor Road and Bent Lane. Increases in traffic could also affect non-motorised users (i.e. pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders) in terms of the ease with which they can cross these routes. Additionally, the temporary closure of Yarnfield Lane is likely to increase traffic flows and delays on alternative routes including B5026 Eccleshall Road and Meece Road and impact nonmotorised users of Yarnfield Lane. Ten public rights of way would be temporarily affected during construction with users diverted at different times during the construction period. This could result in significant adverse effects on users.

        Construction hours:
        OK Core working hours would be from 08:00-18:00 on weekdays (excluding bank holidays) and from 08:00-13:00 on Saturdays, but Track-laying activities and works requiring possession of major transport infrastructure may be undertaken during night-time, Saturday afternoons, Sundays and/or bank holidays for reasons of safety or operational necessity. These works would involve consecutive night works over weekends and may on occasion involve longer duration… let’s don’t forget the Maintenance of operational infrastructure: The intention is that inspections of the route would take place on a regular basis, at night when the railway is not operating. There would be routine preventative maintenance to keep the track and other equipment.

        Oooh yeah!!, only some impact, and nah – it won’t be 24/7!!

        get real.
        p68 – p76

        1. Just how are these routes affected if the construction depot has a LINK to the existing railline and M6 for the delivery of materials and staff. Now your comment GET real, i think you should, the construction/maintenance is just line any other railways with just minor work out of core hours.

  2. I cant see a problem with the design and location of the depot in stone. hs2 is going to be built will all know that, So this appears to be not in my back yard scaremongering about the very little impact.

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