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Review: Mamma Mia!

On Wednesday 19th April we headed along to the Regent Theatre in Stoke to be whisked off to Greece, the setting for the famous Mamma Mia musical.

The central character Sophie Sheridan is a young girl who is due to be married and as such she wants her mother and father to attend her wedding.  Unfortunately for Sophie she doesn’t actually know who her father is, and nor does her mother!  She’s narrowed it down to 3 potential men and so Sophie decides to invite all 3 so that she can get to know them a bit more.

This musical theatre production is, as the title may allude to, based around the songs of 1970’s Swedish pop group ABBA!

mamma miaThe songs and story weave an emotional and funny tale about Sophie, her mother Donna and the 3 potential fathers.  Songs like Dancing Queen and of course Mamma Mia are perfectly woven in to the narrative and really add to the story telling. Particular favourites for us were Sophie beautifully singing “I had a dream”, Donna singing a poignant “Slipping through my fingers”, a truly fabulous version of “Does your mama know” by Tanya and a great “Take a chance on me” by Rosie. These are just a few highlight because the whole cast and production was great, each cast member gives a performance that makes the audience feel the emotion and empathy for each of their own story.

Staging wise the production is a very minimalistic but effective set which has a couple of main pieces that are cleverly utilised throughout the production. The costumes and dancing are a joy and the whole production has you just wanting to join in all the fun! For the finale the audience were all on their feet, clapping and dancing to show their appreciation for the performances by the cast

We’d certainly recommend that any ABBA fan rushes to the website or calls up to book tickets ahead of the performance closing at The Regent Theatre on Saturday 29th April because you’re in for a treat

You can see Mamma Mia! at The Regent Theatre until 29th April! Tickets for the performance can be purchased at the Box Office, by calling 08448 717 649 or by visiting

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Mamma Mia, a Super Trouper performance

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