New fishing tackle shop to open in Stone

toddys tackleA new fishing tackle shop is to open in Stone in June 2017

With no local alternatives, a business owner has decided to set-up a new fishing tackle and bait shop within the town.

The new shop will be opening on Monday 19th June 2017 and will be based within the Autocare business, behind Stone Library.

With a wide range of fishing tackle and bait we wish the new venture all the best.

We’ll update this story when we have further details…..



  1. Hi folks and fishers. The owner is Alan Povey who used to own Toddy Woodgates in Granville Square. I have been a keen fisherman all my life and deeply regretted the passing of a tackle shop in the town. So here you are. Come and see me on June 19th an` bring thee maggot tin. If ar anna got it ah`ll get it fer thee.

    1. Hi Alan I was wondering if you required any staff as I’ve been a keen fisherman for the best part of 15-20 years starting when I was five.

      I completely agree we’ve needed a fishing shop in stone for a long time ever since the one in the old Purtons you shop went I was gutted.

      I hope to hear from you soon

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