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Plea for Return of Accidentally Donated Jewellery

A charitable donation with unfortunate consequences has led to an appeal to return jewellery of great sentimental value.

Sonia Alsbury donated an unwanted pair of shoes to a charity shop in Stone, believed to be the Children’s Society, forgetting that she’d previously used them as a safe place to hide two rings, an engagement ring and a garnet ring of very unusual design that was bought for Sonia by her mum many years ago.

Sonia says; “My ‘safe’ hiding place turned out not to be so safe. I’m heartbroken at the loss of my engagement ring and  I would be so grateful for their return should anyone come across them. A reward will be offered for their safe return. The charity shop been very helpful but no joy so far. I’ve also contacted the police and been into Plants the jewellers just in case anyone has tried to sell them. I can’t think of anything further I can do.”

If you have any information on the missing rings please contact the A Little Bit of Stone facebook page, or contact Sonia directly at


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