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Temporary traffic lights cause traffic misery

Motorists this mornings suffered misery from a set of temporary traffic lights that were deployed on the Lichfield Road / Uttoxeter Road junction in St0ne

Following the failure of the lights on Thursday 8th June 2017, Staffordshire County Council tried throughout the weekend to fix an issue which had left the lights unusable.  With the lights off in all 4 directions there were reports of near misses and confusion as traffic jockeyed through the junction, not sure when to filter and when to give way.

Temporary Traffic LightsOn Monday evening a set of 4-way temporary traffic lights were installed at the junction, a welcome development to what seemed to be an accident waiting to happen.

The joy of the temporary lights was short lived though when the morning rush hour got under-way and the residents of Aston Lodge and further afield tried to leave for work.  We received reports this morning of it taking over 30 minutes to get out from Aston Lodge on to Lichfield Road with some people calling for the lights to just be turned back off again.

We contacted Staffordshire County Council this morning to ask what could be done about improving the lights and how long they were likely to be in operation for.

Mark Deaville, Cabinet Member responsible for Highways at Staffordshire County Council said:

“Our highways teams have made an initial repair on the traffic lights at the junction, however, unfortunately this has not fixed the problem.  Temporary lights have now been put in place so engineers can carry out further investigations in safety.  The temporary lights have also been re-programmed to help ease the traffic flow and crews hope to have the main lights back up and running in the next day or two.”

Fingers crossed that tomorrow mornings rush hour is a smoother affair.

Please note that as at 7:40pm 13th June 2017 we’ve had notification that the lights are all stuck on red! Please drive with care!



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