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Black Friday – Don’t forget Stone businesses this Christmas

Shop LocalAs people wait to click “Buy Now” on Black Friday and Cyber Monday we urge them to think local!

Local businesses are a crucial part of the Stone community and bring variation and vitality to our town and High Street. Being local these businesses are keeping money circulating within the local economy and help to maintain a sense of community.

In order to survive local businesses are increasingly finding they need to work together, putting aside the natural urge to compete. When businesses work together everyone benefits, the businesses themselves as well as the communities they serve.

In Stone there are 2 great sources of information for what’s available locally. There is the Stone Independent Traders Facebook Group (Click Here) and the Totally Locally page for Stone (Click Here).

A lot of local retailers are running independent shopping events, discounts, late nights and Stone Town Council is behind a late night shopping event and market on the 6th December. Follow the various Facebook pages to keep up to date with what’s going on in YOUR town!

Here’s the Totally Locally Christmas Manifesto that highlights some of the things that you could do to support your local shops this Christmas time:
Totally Locally Christmas Manifesto


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