Barlaston tackles dog poo problem

dog pooBarlaston, near Stone, is fighting back against irresponsible owners who don’t clean up after their pets in a new campaign of its own.

The initiative follows successful schemes in various villages and places which have been run with Stafford Borough Council.

From December, Barlaston Parish Council will be joining forces with the borough council to target dog fouling hot spots. Signs will be put up, flyers distributed and the number of dog fouling incidents counted each month. Other initiatives include distributing free dog poo bags from outlets.

Councillor Gareth Jones, Chairman of Barlaston Parish Council, who is supporting the campaign, said:

“We have a beautiful village and are determined to keep it that way.”

“Dogs are an important part of village life. The vast majority of owners in Barlaston are really responsible but there is an inconsiderate minority which the scheme is aimed at. Barlaston is a rural village and welcomes many walkers, runners and cyclists to enjoy the countryside. We have a duty to ensure all areas are clean for residents and visitors.”

Dog fouling in villages such as Gnosall and Weston reduced significantly following similar campaigns working with the borough council.
The council has issued a number of fines throughout Stafford and surrounding towns and villages, and has taken dog owners to court as part of a long running zero-tolerance campaign against people not cleaning up after their pets.

Councillor Frank Finlay, Cabinet Member for Environment and Health at the borough council, said:

“It’s fantastic to see another community doing its bit to try and rid itself of this disgusting problem.

“There’s no doubt that campaigns like these do have an impact, with Weston and Gnosall proving that point in the borough.

“We have seen the damage this problem can cause to young children and how anyone can ignore that is beyond me.

“All dog owners have to do is bag it, pick it up and put it in a bin – and that can be any public rubbish bin.”

You can email to give information in confidence about people who do not clean up after their dogs or call 01785 619402. Further details can be found at

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