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Review: Aladdin Pantomime

AladdinThis year the pantomime from Stoke’s Regent Theatre cranks up the fun as it introduces 3D interactive elements!

We were intrigued to be handed 3D glasses when we went to take our seats for opening night at The Regent Theatre for this years panto, Aladdin.

As the curtain went up our initial intrigue disappeared as the 2017 Jonny Wilkes panto got underway with Jonny this year taking the title role of Aladdin and Christian Patterson staring as Widow Twanky.

This panto partnership has been going for a good number of years and the natural chemistry between Jonny and Christian was evident from the very start.

It wouldn’t be a panto without a string of local gag references and this year the calling was ‘Aye Up Aladdin whenever Jonny came on  to the stage.

We caught 2 references to Stone in the panto, one in relation to the book Aladdin is contemplating on writing and a reference to Oatcakes and Milkshakes, let us know if you spot any more.

For an opening night the show felt remarkably polished as we were taken on the story of Aladdin and his desire to marry Princes Jasmine.

Whilst other pantos may be awash with ex-soap or pop stars the Regent’s production is supported by a strong theatrically backed cast, many of whom have come from the Wilkes Academy of Performing Arts.

The interactive 3D elements of the show will have you gasping and grasping for objects that come flying out of the stage to within touching distance. This added dimension to the show was fantastic and the cast were good at directing when you needed to have your glasses on so you didn’t miss out on anything!

We don’t like to give spoilers out but the end of act 1 finale is magical, (no 3D glasses required!) and the audience exploded into applause to show their amazement as the curtain came down for the interval.

Other particular highlights were the slapstick jobs song as well as the tongue twister between Aladdin, Widow Twanky and Abanazar!

The sing-along of “One Smart Fella….” was hilarious, especially when Jonny brought out some local children to participate.

Of course there’s also the usual birthday/celebration roundup and you’ll be pleased to know that Beryl got another shout out for her birthday, she’s 111 you know? 😉

The UK loves a panto and Aladdin proves to be a massive family hit, pulling people in from far and wide. There’s jokes for kids and innuendo for the grown ups, what’s not to love!

Aladdin will be running at the Regent Theatre until Sunday 7th January 2017. 8isit the Theatres website for more information on the show times and to book alternatively you can call the box office on 0844 871 7649.


  1. johnny was brill badddeley green lad like me we all felt at home with him true starr brill panto was great and so was he and eveveryone else

  2. johnny was brill badddeley green lad like me we all felt at home with him true starr brill panto was great and so was he and eveveryone else

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