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Cabinet Considers New Schools Funding Formula

Measures are considered by the county council’s Cabinet to decide whether schools in Staffordshire could move to the Government’s new National Funding Formula.

The funding formula will determine how an extra £9.5million going to Staffordshire schools will be distributed. following on from a Government announcement in July 2017 that additional £1.3bn would be given to schools nationally by 2019/20, with £416m being announced for 2018/19. The proposed move follows consulting with schools and gaining agreement from the countywide School’s Forum. By embracing the National Funding Formula, all Staffordshire schools would benefit from an increase in funding for every pupil in 2018/19 and 2019/20.

County Councillor Philip White, Cabinet Support Member for Learning and Skills said: “Historically, Staffordshire has been one of the lowest funded authorities in terms of schools.  For years we have been campaigning at a local and national level for fairer funding for our schools, to help ensure Staffordshire children receive the best education possible, and these new Government measures represent a real step in the right direction.

“As we move towards embracing the National Funding Formula, the news that schools in Staffordshire will get an extra £9.5million is a welcome step forward.  We will be working closely with schools to implement the new formula over the coming months. We will continue to push for fair funding for education in Staffordshire to give our schools, teachers and children the resources they need.”

The county council’s cabinet will discuss the plans this week, Wednesday 17 January.



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  1. Bit confused here. The headline talks about “could” and “whether “ but the Cabinet support member is talking about “how”.
    As I understand it we have the money it is now a question of distribution.

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