Stone Town Council Working With Post Office

Post Office LogoStone Town Council has been working with the Post Office and other organisations to try to ensure
that a Post Office is reinstated in Stone town centre as soon as possible.

A meeting in Stone on 9th January 2018 was attended by regional and national representatives of the
Post Office, together with Town Councillors Rob Kenney and Ian Fordham, County Councillor Mrs Jill
Hood and officers from the Town Council, Borough Council and County Libraries service.

The Post Office representatives made it clear they were looking to work with a retail partner in the
town centre, and that a number of possibilities were currently being investigated. The possibility of
siting a Post Office in the library was also considered, but whatever the final outcome it is likely to be
at least 10 months before a new Post Office will be opened in the town centre due to the vigorous
vetting and training processes required.

A number of interim arrangements were also considered, but the Post Office representatives
clarified that options such as a mobile Post Office were not viable in this situation.

The Town Council’s arrangement to support the provision of a weekly bus to local Post Offices for those most badly affected was supported as a pragmatic solution to a difficult issue.

Following the meeting, Councillor Rob Kenney, Chairman of the Council’s General Purposes
Committee said

“It was clear to everyone at the meeting that Stone town centre needs a main Post
Office again as soon as possible. The Post Office are aware how important it is to the town, and are committed to finding suitable premises as soon as they can.

Until this situation is resolved, however, the Town Council will continue to pursue any possible avenue to expedite the process and to support those most badly affected by the closure.”



  1. Oh Linda your suggestion is very good but far too easy for the powers that be it seems like common sense has gone out of the window !!

  2. Why do they have to retrain new staff members, can’t the staff who worked at the Post Office in the Co-op have their jobs back in the re-located post office!!
    I am disabled and had to drive to Eccleshall yesterday to use the Post Office as the one in Barlaston was closed due to “technical difficulties”.

    1. Oh Linda your suggestion is very good but far too easy for the powers that be it seems like common sense has gone out of the window !!

  3. It’s good to hear that talks are taking place. In some ways a Post Office would be perfect in the library. I hope the 10 months go quickly as I’m having to drive to Yarnfield now to keep my business going. That can’t be good for the environment and also the older folk of the town need access to a P.O.

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