Welcome to the New Website!

Website HomepageAfter a weekend of migrating, cleaning, merging and upgrading, our new website is finally live!

The reason for the upgrade was to recognise the increased visitors using mobile devices, now around 75%, as well as taking steps to secure the website and provide compliance with GDPR.

What’s Changed?

Home Page

We previously split the homepage by categories, this made it difficult to find our new articles, especially if the category wasn’t one that was set to show!

We’ve now consolidated the home page to show 6 featured spotlight articles followed by our 12 most recent stories across all categories.  The category can be seen on the story thumbnail.

Menus and Navigation

Mobile MenuIf you’re a mobile user you’ll remember we had two complicated drop down menus to guide you around the website.  We’ve consolidated our categories and menus into a single “hamburger” menu alongside our logo (it’s the 3 lines).  You should be able to find our content a lot easier now as well as get in touch with a query or story!

Article Format

We’ve got indicators on our articles about comments as well as view counters which get hotter the more they’re viewed!  We’ve changed the font to be clearer to read and tried to consolidate the sharing options.

GDPR / Data Protection

We’re gearing up to be fully compliant with GDPR legislation when it comes into effect in May 2018.  The webite upgrade will allow us to better manage our compliance with this.


Finally we’ve moved over from HTTP to HTTPS, the S standing for secure. This won’t make a different to users of the site however it adds an extra layer of security to the website. You may see the word SECURE or the green padlock now alongside our website address.


What’s Next?

We’ll be spending some time reviewing the business directoy, jobs listings, event management and property sections of the website over the next few weeks.

We’ll also be introducing a weekly email newsletter that will have all the stories of the past week. More details once we’re ready to release this!

Somethings Wrong / I Can’t Find Something

If there’s something not working correctly or you can’t find something then please drop us an email at and we’ll take a look!



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