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Pancake Day – How Do You Eat Yours?

It’s that time of the year again; the day when eating your own bodyweight in eggs, flour, milk, sugar & lemon juice is perfectly acceptable!

Pancake day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, marks the last day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. As Lent is traditionally a time of fasting, pancakes were the perfect way to use up fats and eggs. Anglo Saxon Christians went to be absolved of their sins (or shriven), and the bell that called them to confession came to be known as the Pancake Bell, and is still rung today.

The tradition of tossing or flipping them is almost as old as the pancake itself, which was referenced in cookery books as early as 1439. “And every man and maide doe take their turne, And tosse their Pancakes up for feare they burne.” (Pasquil’s Palin, 1619).

But if you’re sick of the traditional lemon juice & sugar filling, how about trying something a little different this year? Maybe bacon & chocolate? Or sticking with a sweet & salty theme, strawberry balsamic vinegar could make for an interesting choice! Heading to more savoury ideas, how about a traditional Japanese cabbage and mayonnaise version, or the Americanised bacon cheeseburger recipe?

Check out the videos below for some awesome pancake tossing skills, and a few hints & tips!

So the good people of Stone, what’s your preferred pancake filling and are you a proficient pancake toser?


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