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Explore bygone woodcrafts with Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

A series of special woodcraft events by the county’s largest nature conservation charity will give people the chance to find out more about a skill from a bygone age.

Wolseley Centre headquarters, near Rugeley, will host the ‘Bygone Woodcraft’ sessions created by members of Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. The events give people the chance to come and view traditional woodcrafts and take the opportunity to speak to crafters and purchase their hand crafted items.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is the county’s leading nature conservation charity. They aim to protect and enhance the wildlife and wild places of Staffordshire and to promote understanding, enjoyment and involvement in the natural world.

Their vision is to create a Living Landscape in Staffordshire. The Living Landscape concept involves focusing efforts on improving the wider landscape to make it a better place for wildlife. As well as continuing to protect and expand core areas of high quality habitat, such as nature reserves, the Trust is investing energy into the land in between these core areas – the farmland, gardens, parks, allotments, community areas, school grounds and even golf courses -to make them into places that  can support wildlife.

People are crucial to making Living Landscape schemes work, and to be successful, individuals, communities and businesses all need to get involved to help shape and care for their local environment.

Sam Pachner, Events and Fundraising Officer at Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, said: “The common goal of these members is to inform, educate and demonstrate the fact that not only are these crafts still relevant in today’s world, but they also help conserve and improve our native woodlands and natural habitats.

“They are all committed to ensuring our woodlands are preserved for future generations while demonstrating that traditional crafts can still produce products which are beautiful in their own right but also sustainable, environmentally friendly and relevant.”


The sessions take place on Sundays 15th April, 20th May, 17th June, 15th July, 19th August, 16th September and 21st October.

For more information, contact Sam Pachner on 01889 880100 or email s.pachner@staffs-wildlife.org.uk.


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