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Alleyne’s swimming pool to re-open

Alleyne's PoolFollowing the sucessful repair of the two pool heating boilers, the pool will re-open towards the end of this month

Back in December 2017 the boilers that heat the Alleyne’s swimming pool broke down. Unfortunately there aren’t any off-the-self parts available for them so new parts needed to be fabricated.

As we reported earlier in the month there had been a delay in the manufacture of the replacement parts and this had impacted the timescales for re-opening the pool.

At the end of last week the parts to repair the boilers arrived in the UK and installation commenced.  Throughout this week the installation has been completed and the boilers have been re-certified. We’re pleased to hear that they are now in the process of heating the water to the required temperature to meet industry guidelines.

Unfortunately due to recent cold weather conditions the pool water had dropped to around 9 degrees so it will take several days to get back up to the 28 degrees required.

UPDATE: 19th February 2018 – The pool has come up to temperature quicker than expected and will re-open for lessons on the evening of the 19th February 2018 with it being opened to the public from the 20th February 2018.

The current aim to have the pool reopened for swimming lessons on Monday 26th February 2018 and for public swimming the following day. Due to the nature of the issue and the prelonged cooling of the water in the pool the staff are monitoring the progress and the boilers closely!

Freedom Leisure, who manage the pools on behalf of the Borough council, are being cautious at this stage about 100% confirming reopening dates.  This is due the many variables in brining the pool back up to temperature therefore they ask customers to keep an eye on updates over the coming days.

For customers with swim passes and pre-paid swimming lessons, missed time will be credited to your pass or lesson plan for future sessions.


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