Stone Railhead Crisis Group launch crowdfunding appeal

Stone Railhead Crisis Group aim to raise £15,000 towards the cost of petitioning Parliment

The Stone Railhead Crisis Group (SRCG) held its first Annual General Meeting on 18th February 2018 at the BT Conference Centre in Yarnfield.

During the meeting the group provide details about its strategic plan going forward. This included details about petitioning Parliment about re-locating the proposed railhead from Stone/Yarnfield to a more appropriate site.

SRCG is campaigning for the re-location of the proposed HS2 Stone Railhead and future infrastructure maintenance base-rail (IMB-R) to the more suitable site at Aldersey’s Rough near Keele services.  The SRCG seeks to achieve this objective by the presentation of their overwhelming evidence that proves its point from an engineering, environmental and economic perspective.

To achieve its objectives, the SRCG is working to petition Parliament on behalf of local residents. This will involve members of the SRCG’s technical team presenting evidence in front of an all-party select committee of MPs, who have the power to make changes to HS2 Ltd’s proposals for Phase 2a (West Midland to Crewe) of the High Speed 2 project.

To maximise its chances of success, the SRCG has been advised to engage a barrister to manage the presentation of its evidence and the forthcoming parliamentary proceedings.  SRCG have therefore launched a public crowdfunding appeal to raise £15,000 to cover these legal costs.

This is the first time the SRCG has asked for public financial support, and have up until now, been self-funding. Unfortunately the Petition process is a cost that cannot be absorbed within the SRCG membership so with everyones help they hope to raise the sum of £15,000 towards the cost of the Petition process.

If you wish to donate, then please use one of the following methods:
• Crowdfunding web site –
• Cheque – Made payable to ‘SRCG’ and posted to: Yarnfield Village Hall, Stone, Staffordshire.ST15 0NJ, Attn: SRCG



  1. The whole project is based upon vanity of politicians based in the south east who have no idea of the Midlands or north and what we want or the beauty of where we live. So sad to see the environmental destruction to create something that so many do not want at a time when frankly the cash could be so much better spent!

    1. Simon, incorrect hs2 is based on adding extra capacity to the whole network with the benfits of increase speed. So you say that “many do not want” so why cant an epentition get 100k people to sign it.

  2. HS2 is a multi billion £ project : Using a bit old colliery line disused for 20 years isn’t particularly overwhelming ?

      1. No costs, No detailed engineering reports, No number of CPO required, No environmental impact reports on alternative. Get the picture on the poor alternative.

        1. The onus is on HS2 to show they have considered alternatives and have selected the best. The SRCG have shown that there is a lot wrong about the Stone railhead proposal and produced an alternative is better.

          I for one think this issue is worth fighting for. HS2 is in my view a waste of money. I can’t stop it. But I can try to make sure that my town does not suffer and that HS2 do not waste my money.

          1. Stone will NOT suffer with the construction of a small railhead. No the onus in on the group to provide basic information. If they cant what do you think the SC will do?

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